Intro ๐Ÿ“ƒ

Implementing TodoMVC is a rite of passage for every aspiring web technology, and Flamingo is no exception! In the coming sections, we'll walk through an implementation of TodoMVC that uses Typescript, React and Flamingo.

TodoMVC has a complete specification. This is the ideal scenario for Flamingo development, since translating the rules in the spec into a signature and axioms will be easy. (A complete informal specification is really the ideal scenario for any project, but Flamingo makes it particularly nice).

Flamingo's current API makes heavy use of React Hooks. You'll want to have at least a basic familiarity with hooks before you continue.

Follow Along on the Repl

The implementation is hosted on the wonderful! Follow along and edit things on the fly in the repl. When you're there, click the big green "Run" button to start the app (give it some time, as it has to install quite a few npm packages).